Who has been saying and photographing what? We'll compile a little online 'clippings folder' on these pages. Generally, it will be from the most recent items at the top, down, but we may bundle together pieces on the same topic as it develops. Please note that links below to external media sites cannot be guaranteed, but you should be able to search for the relevant item from the information given. Let us know if a link has broken or changed.

25-26 January 2014
Just in time for Australia Day, The Weekend Australian's Review supplement carried a full-page pair of book reviews by Babette Smith. More column-centimetres are devoted to Where is Dr Leichhardt? by Darrell Lewis than to the translated edition of Hans-Wilhelm Finger's Ludwig Leichhardt: Lost in the Outback but Smith lays out a good case for reading both. You can read the review online here or download a PDF of the article here. (Just a reminder that you can also read this site's review of Lewis, from earlier in 2013, here and that Finger is next on our reading list, with a full review to be pubished soon.)

7-8 December 2013
Writer Louise Gorman discovered Ludwig Leichhardt (III) in Berlin, and interviewed him for a major feature in The Weekend Australian Magazine. This fascinating piece covers a lot of ground of the events of 2013 and you can find the article online here or download a PDF of the story here.

October 2013 - birthday week events
Here is a compilation of some of the reporting of events in Germany and Australia. Many of the online and television material broadcast in Germany is not available now but we will do our best to bring you as much of an <Überblick> (overview) as we can.

In the University of Potsdam's magazine Portal Wissen Two 2013, Dr Sophia Rost wrote an elegant article titled "Borders of the Unknown" which outlined a collaborative research program in Germany and Australia, supported by DAAD - you can read the PDF here.

The Goethe Institut placed a number of articles on its website, including a Bicentenary year summary, an interesting piece titled 'The search for Leichhardt' and a recap. of some of the events of 2013. You can select a choice of German or English in reading the website articles here.

 Cottbuser Rundschau 23.10.2013 Leichhardt Festakt Cottbus thumb  

23 October
One of numerous newspaper articles which appeared over several days, this piece in the Cottbuser Rundschau reported on the formal festivities the night before in the city's magnificent "Weltspiegel" theatre. Click on the image (left) to open a larger version.

Typical of other newsmedia's online reporting is an article (also German only) published a couple of days earlier by the Märkische Oderzeitung.

19 October
Darwin-based writer Nicholas Rothwell compiled a fascinating piece about Leichhardt, based on the translations of his private diaries by Rod Fensham and Tom Darragh published by the Queensland Museum, and you can read his full article on the Arts pages of The Australian.

17 October
The Beeskow region newspaper Märkische Oderzeitung previewed the upcoming week's events with a piece by Jörg Kühl, with great anticipation of the live teleconference planned with the University of Queensland for 23 October, and other events in Goyatz. The article (in German) can be found here.

10 October
Journalist Michael Juhran has been busily writing a series of Leichhardt features for German newsmedia outlets throughout 2013. You can read his 10 October posting (German) on the Stuttgarter-Zeitung website here and an earlier article (February, also in German) on Die Welt's website here.

8 October 2013
Charles Darwin University's latest e-NEWS reports that National Geographic has filmed a documentary based on a book by CDU Humanitarian Studies lecturer Dan Baschiera. The crew was in the Northern Territory to shoot the Ludwig Leichhardt and the Top End segment for the National Geographic Series: Australia – Life on the Edge. Read more on the CDU's website here.

4 October 2013
The Spring issue of the Australian Museum's Explore magazine features an elegantly-written review of Leichhardt in Australia, and you can read a PDF of the article here.

September 2013
The National Library of Australia’s quarterly magazine, Vol. 5, No. 3 featured an article by Roslyn Russell titled "From Trebatsch to Australia" which gave an excellent overview of the explorer's life and achievements, complete with many references. You can find a PDF (1.6MB) of the article hereRoslyn Russell is an independent historian based in Canberra, and is Chair, International Advisory Committee, UNESCO Memory of the World Programme. In May 2013 she spoke on Leichhardt’s work in Australia at a Ludwig Leichhardt Symposium organised by the Brandenburg Technical University (BTU) in Cottbus. The conference proceedings are published under the title Ludwig Leichhardt (1813-1848), die Niederlausitz und Australien. Zum 200. Geburtstag des Natur- und Australienforschers. Details at Waxmann.com

9 September 2013
Just letting you know that the latest issue (#2) of BLAZE, the Taroom Centre project newsletter, is now available ~ download the PDF (1.2MB) here or visit this page to read more about the proposal.

17 August 2013
Author Darrell Lewis and his insighful quest for answers to the mystery of the missing Prussian was the subject of a major feature in The Weekend Australian Magazine"L marks the spot".

5 August 2013
Central Telegraph newspaper reports presentation in Taroom - click on the Rebecca Hafner image below to view a PDF of the full article.

2013.08.05 Taroom Centre CT-RH group-pic 400W    

L to R: Banana Shire Councillor Vaughn Becker presents Senator Sue Boyce with a plan of the proposed Leichhardt Centre. To the right of the senator, Banana Shire Mayor Ron Carige and the Federal Member for Flynn, Ken O'Dowd, have also put their support behind the centre.

Photo by Rebecca Hafner / Central Telegraph

31 July 2013
"Australia is haunted by lost people" ... was the opening remark passed by veteran broadcaster Phillip Adams as he introduced his conversation with author Darrell Lewis on the ABC Radio's Late Night Live program.

29 July 2013
The proposed Leichhardt Centre in Taroom was discussed by ABC Radio Capricornia breakfast presenter Jacquie Mackay with Banana Shire Councillor Vaughn Becker, following his presentation of the proposal to an international audience.

2 July 2013
Senator Sue Boyce held an essay and drawing competition for students who live in the electorates that Leichhardt travelled through, including Capricornia and Flynn, and was thrilled to receive over 600 entries. The Senator talked with ABC Radio Capricornia's Jacquie Mackay about the project.

27 May 2012
To mark the centenary of Patrick White’s birth, a feature framed by a road trip into Australia’s 'Dead Heart'. Country of the Mind: Voss and Leichhardt  was broadcast on the ABC's Radio National HindsightAn unusual trio set off into the North Simpson Desert along the incongruously named Plenty Highway: two German artist/adventurers with an urge to discover traces of their countryman’s last expedition, and with them, a radio program maker documenting the journey.



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