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Building on the Strategic Partnership between Australia and Germany signed in Berlin in January 2013, the Leichhardt bicentenary year underscores that our strong bilateral ties are deeply rooted in the past but also hold great promise for the future.This is particularly true of our collaboration in science, research and innovation, where Leichhardt’s name occupies a special place. 

The inaugural “Leichhardt Symposium on Biodiversity and Conservation” will be held at the University of Queensland to mark the famous explorer’s 200th birthday in October 2013. A follow-on conference is already being planned for Munich in October 2014, thus demonstrating that Leichhardt’s story remains relevant and inspirational beyond this jubilee year.

I trust that this website, together with its German counterpart, will become a portal through which visitors will learn more about this extraordinary figure and, inspired by his legacy, help contribute to the further development of Australia-Germany ties.

Peter Tesch
Australian Ambassador to Germany

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The still unexplained disappearance of the fascinating Prussian scientist and naturalist Ludwig Leichhardt remains one of Australia’s most enduring mysteries. The bicentenary of Leichhardt's birth in 2013 is being marked by a whole range of events in Australia and Germany that commemorate his achievements in science, research, and the European exploration of the vast Australian continent.

However, he is only one example of how Germans contributed to study Australia’s unknown botany, fauna und geology. Another famous German-Australian was Sir Ferdinand Jakob Heinrich von Müller, the first director of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, who described a medical plant identified and collected by Ludwig Leichhardt, naming it Duboisia leichhardtii.

Today's excellent scientific relations between Australia and Germany are built on the achievements of these forerunners. They have evolved into close cooperation between Australian and German research organisations and multiple exchanges of Australian and German scientists.

Dr Christoph Müller

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Canberra

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Schwielochsee, Spreewaldheide, Straupitz und der Stadt Lieberose

mit Freude habe ich erfahren, dass ein australisches Pendant zu unserer ,,Leichhardt Land" Webseite ( entwickelt und Anfang September 2013 unter zur Verfügung stehen wird. Ich halte es für wünschenswert, dass die beiden Webseiten verlinkt werden.

Auch freue ich mich über das geplante ,,Leichhardt Centre" in Taroom, das als erster zentraler Treffpunkt im australischen Bundesstaat Queensland das Leben und die Leistungen Leichhardts für Einheimische wie Besucher zugänglich machen soll.

Diese Initiativen erganzen in dankenswerter Weise unsere eigenen Aktivitaten im brandenburgischen Spreewald. Sie verleihen der Leitidee, Leichhardt nicht nur als historische Figur, sondern auch als immerwährende Brücke zwischen Brandenburg und Queensland, Deutschland und Australien zu feiern, konkreten Ausdruck. Dariiber hinaus sorgen sie dafür, dass die positive Resonanz dieser historischen Beziehung weit über das Leichhardt-Jubiläumsjahr selbst hinausgeht, was auch unserer Bestrebungen entspricht.

Ich begrüße diese beiden Initiativen aufs Herzlichste und freue mich über den Beitrag, den sie zur weiteren Vertiefung der Beziehungen zwischen unseren beiden Bundesstaaten, unseren beiden Ländern leisten werden.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Bernd Boschan

I am delighted to learn that an Australian counterpart to our "Leichhardt Land" website ( is under development and will go live at the beginning of September 2013 under the domain address From my point of view, it would be very desirable for the two websites to be linked.

I am likewise very pleased indeed to hear of the proposed Leichhardt Centre in Taroom, which will be the first central location in the state of Queensland to make Leichhardt's life and achievements accessible to locals and visitors alike.

These initiatives are a welcome complement to our own activities in the Spreewald in Brandenburg. They give concrete expression to the central idea of celebrating Leichhardt as a bridge in perpetuity between Brandenburg and Queensland, Germany and Australia, rather than a figure of merely historical interest. In addition, they will ensure that the positive resonance of this historical connection extends far beyond the Leichhardt bicentenary year, again corresponding to our own ambitions. 

I welcome these two initiatives with enthusiasm and look forward to their contribution to further deepening the ties between our two states and countries.

Bernd Boschan

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Herzlich Wilkommen!

A warm welcome to all visitors of the “Leichhardt Land” website, which has the intention to reflect the outstanding accomplishments and legacy of a German visitor to this land 170 tears ago. There are many interesting and surprising stories about Ludwig Leichhardt, and much has been published about his life, achievements, and the lingering mystery of his fate. The Leichhardt Land website can only highlight some aspects of his life and journey, while its main purpose is to feature the various activities and events in the years 2013 and 2014. The program section therefore will be constantly updated, so it is worthwhile to review the website periodically.

I would like to thank all the sponsors and the “Leichhardt Roundtable” participants, who helped in a very enjoyable way to bring this website to life. Particular thanks to Matt from Masthead Design & Creative, who designed the website and its content with expertise and knowledge, in a very timely fashion, with great technical support from Darren, Chris and the team at iDStyle. 

Like our friends in the Oberspreewald, however, we aim to celebrate Leichhardt’s memory in interesting ways and we hope that you join us at 'Treffpunkt Leichhardt' with feedback.

Enjoy exploring the virtual and the real Leichhardt Land!

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Prof Michael Schütz
Honorary Consul for Germany / South East Queensland

Honorary Consul Prof. Michael Schütz and Manager of Consular Affairs Claudia Lüttringhaus at the Brisbane office.





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