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Our guest took in the sights across Brisbane and around Southeast Queensland, on land and from the water, just as his illustrious ancestor did 170 years ago.

The 'obligatory' visitor experience of the vista from Mt Coot-tha was enhanced by a perfect Spring day, and followed-up later by a river run on one of the CityCats. Brisbane Marketing very kindly provided the services of expert volunteer 'Brisbane Greeters' to show Ludwig around the inner city.

A day trip to Maleny and the Blackall Ranges provided some very German encounters as well as stunning views of the hinterland explored by his great-great-grand-uncle - and a foretaste of experiences to come (see the 07 Geographical pages).

And a bushwalk in the D'Aguilar Section of Brisbane Forest Park afforded the chance to stand beneath the tree fern bearing the Leichhardt name. And a visit to North Stradbroke Island enabled Ludwig to take in the panorama from Point Lookout, which his forebear rounded in 1844 on arriving in Moreton Bay by sea from Port Jackson.

1.1.1a THUMB 12Oct MT 5547 Mt Coot-tha MS-LL ueberblick-Brisbane   1.1.2a THUMB 12 Oct MT 5548 Mt Coot-tha LL-MS
The 21st Century Brisbane which greeted Ludwig - last here in 1988 - would have been unrecognisable to his ancestor in the early 1840s. (Foto: MT)   Honorary Consul Prof Michael Schütz points out key Brisbane landmarks on a perfect Spring day at the
Mt Coot-tha lookout. (Foto: MT)
1.2.1a THUMB 14Oct MT 5573 BNE-Greeters VH-LL-BA   1.2.2a THUMB 14Oct SR-BG 1012069 VH-LL-BA walk
'Brisbane Greeters' Vivien and Blair join Ludwig for coffee before setting out to explore some of the hidden facets of Brisbane city. (Foto: MT)    German-speaking Vivien draws Ludwig's attention
to a feature in the Roma Street Parkands.
(Foto: Sophie Rutledge / Brisbane Marketing)
1.3.1a THUMB 14Oct SR-BG 1958525 local-reptile   1.3.2a THUMB 14Oct SR-BG 10600508 VH-BA-LL self-contained-guides
The 21st Century Ludwig maintains the same keen interest in flora and fauna as his ancestor - and Brisbane's wildlife was happy to oblige! (SR / BM)   A brief shady stop to check some references for our visitor, who was glad of the pause, October in Brisbane being very different to Germany! (SR / BM)
1.4.1a THUMB 18Oct MT 5739 Blackall-Range-map-LL   1.4.2a THUMB 18Oct MT 5740 LL-GHM MaryCairncross-lookout
Sub-alpine country in a sub-tropical setting: Ludwig gets his bearings with the German-settled country around Maleny and Witta. (Foto: MT)   As iconic as a Mt Coot-tha visit, Mary Cairncross Park provided superlative views across the Glass House Mountains to the south and west. (Foto: MT)
1.5.1a THUMB 18Oct MT 5745 LL-BL KingLudwigs-visit   1.5.2a THUMB 18Oct MT 5752 LL-Tesch-Park Maleny
"Do you think they know my name?" asked Ludwig at a refreshments stop at King Ludwig's Restaurant: host Fr Barbara Lutze certainly did! (Foto: MT)   Two strands of Queensland's German history meet in Maleny: the 1860s Tesches had a blacksmith's and wheelwright business here. (Foto: MT)

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2.1.1a THUMB 25Oct BB-P1060568 10.25 LL-Point-Lookout Sovereign-view   2.1.2a THUMB 25Oct BB P1060579 LL Main-Beach-panorama
A pause to reflect at Point Lookout, that an earlier Leichhardt passed by 171 years ago on the paddle-steamer "Sovereign". (Foto: Barbara Baehr)   Stunning weather for a stunning outlook, south along Straddie's Main Beach and east over the South Pacific Ocean. (Foto: Barbara Baehr)
2.2.1a THUMB 26Oct PS 00007 LL-BNE-Forest-Park-outlook   2.2.2a THUMB 26Oct PS 00005 PS-LL BNE-Forest-Park
Rolling hills and rainforest gullies of the D'Aguilar Section of Brisbane Forest Park in the background. (Foto: Peer Schenk)  

Prof Peer Schenk coordinated the live link between UQ and the Leichhardt Goyatz Conference in 2013; a year later, he's bushwalking with Ludwig! (Foto: CL)

2.3.1a THUMB 26Oct PS 00022 LL-treeroot-BNE-Forest-Park   2.3.2a THUMB 26Oct CL 120504 LL-CL Leichhard-fern BNE-Forest-Park
Coming toe-to-root-system with a forest denizen that might even have seen his ancestor pass by ...
(Foto: Peer Schenk)
  Consular Affairs Manager Claudia Lüttringhaus also joined Ludwig and Peer on the bushwalk in Brisbane Forest Park. (Foto: Peer Schenk)
2.4.1a THUMB 26Oct CL 133107 Guidebook-Leichhardt-fern   2.4.2a THUMB 26Oct PS 00010 LL-L-fern BNE-Forest-Park
Always handy to have a guidebook to refer to -
you never know who or what (or whose!) you
might meet ... (Foto: Claudia Lüttringhaus)
  Two Leichhardts in Brisbane Forest Park - only one "prickly" (!) the other very easygoing and thoroughly enjoying the experiences. (Foto: Peer Schenk)

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