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The chance to practise some German conversation with the descendant of the famous explorer studied in History lessons was a rare opportunity enthusiastically embraced by a number of Southeast Queensland schools.

In a program coordinated by President of the German Teachers Branch of the MLTAQ Paula Hay and her colleagues, our guest conducted Q&A forums with primary school students at Ormeau State School and John Paul College on Brisbane's southside. Separate visits were made to the 'German Immersion Program' secondary school students of Kenmore State High School, and Ferny Grove State High School, in Brisbane's western suburbs. 

International links between schools were among the many discussion points, with Ormeau State School beginning a dialogue with its counterpart Ludwig-Leichhardt-Grundschule in Tauche in Brandenburg. An initial visit scheduled for early 2015 will discuss a proposed Partnerschaft between the two schools, and other links may well follow. 

1.1a THUMB MT-5846 OSS-PH-LL-captains 2110   1.2a THUMB MT-5856 OSS-double-class 2110
Ormeau SS teacher Paula Hay with school captains Braden, Gemma and Katelyn meet Ludwig before the start of the Q&A forum. (Foto: MT)   Double-dose of Year 7 German students: two classes fill the forum with questions for Ludwig, watched by
a very proud school principal. (Foto: MT)
2.1a THUMB MT-5859 OSS ANU-map-presentation ML-LL 2110   2.2a THUMB MT-5870 OSS-formal-group-foto 2110
The Member for Waterford, Mr Mike Latter MP, watches as Ormeau SS students unroll a copy of the ANU's Leichhardt expedition map. (Foto: MT)    Official Ormeau SS group photo following the forum, with principal Heather Andrew (L) and Paula Hay (R) and German colleague Kathy Kaminski. (Foto: MT)
3.1a THUMB MT-5888 JPC Library-student-display 2110   3.2a THUMB MT-5881 JPC Library-students 2110
In one corner of the library at John Paul College, an eclectic range of Leichhardt posters, artwork and essays was on display. (Foto: MT)   Year 5 students in the library of John Paul College, with teacher Amanda Kuhnemann (L), Marketing Director Niki Dowding (R) and Ludwig. (Foto: MT)

STRIP 06 Educational WEB

4.1a THUMB MT-5940 KSHS BF-LL-students 2210   4.2a THUMB MT-5964 KSHS JB-LL-group-Gannon-catalogue 2210
At Kenmore SHS, the Member for Moggill, Dr Bruce Flegg MP, joined Ludwig and senior students for a tour of the grounds and facilities. (Foto: MT)   Kenmore SHS Head of LOTE John Barker (L) and Deputy Principal John Fitzgerald (C) view the signed Gannon catalogue presented by Ludwig.  (Foto: MT)
5.1a THUMB MT-5971 KSHS LL-student-chat-atlas 2210   5.2a THUMB MT-5947 KSHS Signs 15607.15km-FRA 2210
A different kind of discussion, at Kenmore SHS, the senior students' more advanced grasp of the language allowing easier conversation. (Foto: MT)  

Kenmore SHS might be a long way from everywhere but the special visitor from Berlin in October 2014 is sure to be long remembered! (Foto: MT)

6.1a-THUMB MT-5981 FGSHS student-interactions 2210   6.2a THUMB-ONLY MT-5993 FGSHS rapt-students-listen 2210
At Ferny Grove SHS, the German Immersion Program students' Q&A was expertly facilitated by their German teacher (L background) Ulla Freihofner. (Foto: MT)   Rapt concentration at the Ferny Grove SHS forum, as the students exercise their higher-level language skills in conversation with Ludwig. (Foto: MT)
7.1a THUMB MT-5998 FGSHS lunchroom-student-teacher-chat 2210   7.2a THUMB MT-5997 FGSHS Formal-group-foto 2210
At Ferny Grove SHS, a relaxed lunch followed the forum, attended by past and upcoming students on the German Exchange Program. (Foto: MT)   Teacher Ulla Freihofner (L) and her group of senior Ferny Grove SHS students pose for a special moment with Ludwig before his departure. (Foto: MT)

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